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ENVIRONMENTAL Science and Technology

July 31-August 4, 2023


Rising grades 5, 6, and 7


Project #1: Build your own 3D printed hydroponic mini-garden with air filtration. Skills: hydroponics knowledge, 3D printing knowledge, design and building.

Project #2: Photosynthesis and plant respiration science experiments. Skills: biological science knowledge, using the scientific method.

Project #3: Build your own solar oven in which we'll dry herbs and make S'MORES (of course!). Skills: Thermal science knowledge, design and building. 

Project #4: Design and 3D print a plant pot and wire a moisture meter. Add a plant and take it home! Skills: 3D printing design, electrical engineering.

And in all our camps, we'll also have daily: lunctime trivia contest with prizes, fun games to get our campers up and moving between activities, and ???. Our students can choose to participate in these activities or sit out - there's no pressure. 

What will we do at camp?

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