The Octopus was holding a message in a bottle?

Wow, that's impressive dexterity for a creature without fingers.

What does the message say?


Congratulations. You have been chosen to be a secret agent for STEAM Studio. 


You are going undercover on Fire Island to help us solve the mystery of the missing Ruby Tiki.

The Tiki pictured below was on display at the Fire Island Art Exhibit until it went missing last night. The Tiki is carved out of the world's largest Ruby and is worth 1 gajillionzillion dollars. I don't know how many zeroes that is (but it's a lot).


Help find the missing Tiki and you will be hansomly rewarded.


Agent E

Where would you like to start?

Colorful coral reef.jpg.696x0_q71_crop-s

Let's go to sleep.

Just keep swimming.