The 8 possible locations the Ruby Tiki:

The Dead Forest: Home to Fire Island's largest crow and raven population.

Skull Rock: A rock shaped like a skull? I'm sure nothing creepy is going on there.

The Fire Island Lighthouse: Over 200 years old and rumored to be haunted.

Slick Sarah's pirate ship: The local pirate and her crew. They're not too bad, as long as you give them half your gold.


Fossil Island: Tiny island next to Fire Island where a dozen fully intact dino fossils have been uncovered. The largest, A T-Rex was sold for 3 million dollars.

Hidden Treasure Chest: It's rumored that a hidden treasure chest is bured somewhere here in the sand. No one has ever been able to find it.  Or have they!?

Silver Cove: Home to Fire Island's large population of silverfish. Many come to Fire Island to catch these rare and beautiful fish.

The Emerald Village: Where the island's residents live. Surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Our first project will help us eliminate 2 locations: