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Mission Headquarters

You will use this map to solve the mystery. There are 7 marked locations where the missing tiki might be. Each class, we will eliminate 1-2 of the locations. Will you be the one that solves this mystery?


Dragon Volcano:

Flora: Snapdragons & Lavender

Fauna: Scorpions, Vultures

Perfect Prairie:

Flora: Ring of Fire Roses

Fauna: Prairie Warblers

Old Rickety Bridge:

Flora: Green Crysanthemums

Fauna: Troll under the bridge

Raven Ridge:

Flora: Dead trees

Fauna: Ravens

Boulder Canyon:

Flora: Orange Trees

Fauna: Canyon Wrens

Serpent Sea:

Flora: Seaweed

Fauna: Serpents, Fish

Splinter Pier:

Flora: None

Fauna: Mosquitos & Fireflies

Raven Call
Prairie Warbler Call
Canyon Wren
ring of fire rose.jpg
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