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OH MY! The Ravens STOLE the Ruby Tiki!
We never said how big it was, so I guess the ravens were able to fly away with it. I guess even a ruby worth a bajillionzillion dollars would still be pretty small.

Did you know common ravens and crows are known to steal shiny objects such as pebbles, pieces of metal, and golf balls. (And I guess tiki statues?)

Research indicates that these birds are deeply curious about all new things, and that common ravens retain an attraction to bright, round objects based on their similarity to bird eggs.

HOLD ON there, Agent E!
Wasn't I supposed to be handsomly rewarded for solving the mystery?
You see that cool 3D printed cryptex in your envelope? Open it now! What's the code? It was hidden in plain sight ALL ALONG! Look back in
mission headquarters to find the code.

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