Goal: Learn some cool stuff

Monday - Lesson 2:

Research & Branding

Learn to be a designer... start with research!

Visit the 3 sites below (just click on each photo).

Really look at them with the critical eye of a web designer.

You're not focusing on the CONTENT of these sites, you're only looking at the DESIGN.


Ask yourself:

  • Which COLORS stand out?

  • Does any part of this website have MOTION or SOUND?

  • What makes this website INTERESTING?

  • Which FONTS look cool and are easy to read?

  • Which PHOTOS or ILLUSTRATIONS really catch your eye?

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.25.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.31.44 PM.png

Tell Us!

Comment below to let us know:

Which website was the most interesting? Why?


logos 1.jpg

The research you're doing goes along with something called Branding.

Branding is giving your website a distinctive design.

That means having a logo, choosing certain colors and font styles, and choosing an overall look. Professional designers use branding all the time in websites, company logos, and store design. 

Companies want to make their logo and brand as distinctive and memorable to you as possible.  How many of the logos on the right do you recognize? How can you make your website distinctive and memorable?

Tell Us!

Comment below to let us know:

How many letter logos do you know?  Which letters stumped you?  (Shhh, no spoilers, please.)


What pictures do you see in the white space on either side of the tree?

Do you see the face in this logo?

What word do you see hidden in this logo?

Can you see the city outline in the paint drips?

Can you spot the lightbulb?

A logo is a word or symbol that identifies your business or brand.  

Even if you are not creating a business website, a logo is important because it gives you a memorable title page for your site and makes you look more professional.

Check out the amazing logos to the left.


These are negative space logos and there is a hidden picture in the white space in between the color space sinteach logo.

Can you find each hidden picture?

The Psychology of Color


Color is a very important part of your website and an important part of branding. 

Color psychology is the study of how color can affect someone's opinion of something. In branding, color psychology is focused on how color can persuade you to buy a product.

Researchers found that up to 90% of decisions about products are based on color alone.


The colors you choose for your website are important because they give your reader a certain feeling. For example, the color green has been shown to remind people of growth and nature, so many companies like landscapers and builders use green in their logos.  

Next time you see a company logo on a building or vehicle, try to notice if the color of the logo affects how you think of that company.  

Tell Us!

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Based on Psychology, which colors will you use in your site and what feeling do those colors convey?

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