It's the big day!

Time to publish and share!

Goal: Your site is going LIVE in 3... 2... 1...

Friday - Lesson 15:

Publish & Share


I'm happy to help!

Click the green circle below.

I'll be here from

9-10am & 3-4pm.

Go for it...

hit that PUBLISH button!

Awesome, I'm so excited for you!

Want to see what your site looks like? 


And now, share away!

  1. Copy your URL and email/text to friends and family

  2. Post to social media

  3. Go into your site settings and change your password.

You are now a website-making EXPERT!
After all your hard work, you deserve some recognition!
Mrs. E will be emailing you a personalized certificate of completion.
Thank you for being a part of our STEAM Studio community!
Please come back to join us again!
Please paste your site URL below so we can all check it out!

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