The STEAM Studio, Inc. is a non-profit corporation.

Contact Us:

407 Northgate Drive, Warrendale PA 15086




  • Student teacher ratio is 6 to 1 (total of 12 students with two teachers: Mr. E and Mrs. E)

  • 8 week program (1 hour per week) on Mondays from 5-6pm in January and February

  • Age 10-14 (ages split into two levels during class)

  • Students take home entire Mega Kit (see photo) and project at end of course

  • Cost: $220 per student (includes Elegoo Mega Kit)

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Use basic C programming and the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) to develop and upload Arduino programs

  • Learn to attach inputs and outputs to an Arduino Mega.  Inputs will consist of buttons and sensors (light, sound, and infrared).  Outputs consists of buzzers, LEDs, motors, LED panels, and more. 

  • Complete 4+ specific Arduino projects.

  • Please feel free to stop in during the last 5 minutes of class to see your child's project progress.  The final project will be sent home, including the entire Mega Kit and the student programs.